Wednesday, May 30, 2012

From RHD(Facebook)

I love when the girls at RHD post these on Weds.  They are always thinking outside the box and very creative.  Keep up the good work Rachel and crew!

Reminder to all Indiana State Fair exhibitors

Entries are due this coming Friday...don't forget!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cactus Rose Show Cattle

Bidding is now open for the "Bovine for Boobies" at Cactus Rose Show Cattle. Check out our consignment as well as other on their website as well as facebook/CactusRoseShowCattle or contact Nick.or Kristen Booker.  CANCER SUCKS!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

More embryo's for sale

We are about done putting in spring embryo's so we are going to offer the following eggs for sale. Everything will sell in packages of 3 and we will guarantee a least 1 pregnancy for every 3 embryo's sold.  Packages will be priced on a per egg basis and can be mixed and matched and will be priced accordingly. 

1 package- Shiver x #81 donor. These will be full sibs to the AI sire Simple Man
1 package- I80 x #81. We just put 6 of these in, we feel this could be the best mating yet to #81
1 package- I80 x #8.  We feel the mating of #8 to I80 could be out of this world good.  She has got all the power you could ever want, combine this with the undeniable cool look of I80 and watch out.
1 package- Heatseeker x #8. These are full sibs to 2 yearling heifers that we kept and will hit the donor pen next year. The # 8 cow has been tested double clean, so the females will be perfect to mate to Monopoly.
1 package- Friction x Miss Chill. These will be full sibs to the many time champion Maine steer shown by the Harsh family and sold by Caldwell and Billman.
1 package- HW(original) x Miss Chill.  Only 4 full sibs ever born, 3 sold for an average of $4250 and one is our new herd bull named "Gray Train". Owned with Gunn Farms
1 package- HW(original) x Miss Hostage. These embryos have produced some of our best steer prospects that turn into incredible fat steers.  Full sib matings have sold to Simmermon, Caldwell, Guyer and numerous families. 

There will possibly be more embryo's for sale next week depending on what receipts work best for specific matings at our place this weekend.  These will more than likely be single embryo packages bundled together to make a package of 3 due to number of eggs for each mating available.  More info will come next week.

Notice: There have been many requests for either embryo's out of our #75 and #347 donors.  At this time, there are not enough embryos out of each on storage and therefore none will be offered for sale until fall.  Also, we have had much interest in Monopoly embryo's by our # 81 donor as well as flush opportunities There are no Monopoly embryos available by this donor at this time and she is currently bred to Hard Drive for a Spring 2013 calf.  She will be left open after that for flushing and flush requests will be filled in the order requested .

Any interest on any of the embryo packages listed above, please call or text Dave at 317-408-1085

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thanks Schaeffer and Tice

Look for an outstanding Monopoly heifer out of our #81 donor this fall in Schaeffer and Tice's pasture.  Thanks to Tim and Nate for their confidence in our cattle.

Check her out!

Make sure to head over and check out our friends at  They have posted their sale pictures and the group is quite impressive looking, including this flashy Simple Man x Hairy Bear heifer that sells as lot 19.  Thanks to Paul, Christine and family as well as Brad for your confidence in Simple Man the last couple of years.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Breakfast of Champions

Leftover wedding cake for breakfast

Thanks Gray Show Cattle

Look for an exciting dual registerable, sim-solution, Maintainer baldy Mercedes Benz heifer in their fall sale by our outstanding purebred Meyer 734 donor. She is pretty snazzy!

Monday, May 21, 2012


Sorry we have been a little slow on posting the past couple of days, there was some kind of circus in town known as our wedding.  We will try to get back at it this week. Thanks for all the support, Dave and Beth


Thanks to everyone who came this weekend to share in Beth and I's special day.  It was great to be surrounded by by great family and friends on our wedding day.  Look for more candid wedding pictures to come, it was one heck of a party!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Embryo's for sale

Friction x Miss Chill 251.  Full sib embryo's to this many time champion Maine steer sold by Caldwell and Billman, exhibited by the Harsh family.  Also, there are original Heatwave embryo's from this donor for sale as well. Call or text Dave at 317-408-1085 if interested.  Note: The Chillfactor donor to these embryos is deceased and we were not able to get a picture of her.  These embryo's are being offered as we have three Friction daughters in our herd out of her.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Congratulations to Michael Hardy of In the Purple, LLC Reproduction enterprises and his wife Jenna on the arrival of their new daughter Madison Derby Hardy.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cool picture

A neat picture of a small portion of the windmill farm located in Remington, In right off of I-65.  Not sure how many there are, but it is a bunch.


Thanks to all the folks in Rensellear, In for a great weekend at the show cattle clinic. Special thanks to Weaver for giving me the opportunity to help one of my best friends. Thanks again to Kirk Stierwalt for bringing me along on the ride.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Words to Live by!

I saw this on grabbinbanners blog this morning and really liked the message

Reminder..this weekend

We will be in Rensselaer, In tomorrow and Saturday helping Kirk Stierwalt out with a 2 day clinic at the Jasper County Fairgrounds.  I just got off the phone with Kirk, he says there are over 100 people signed up(one of the biggest we've done)  Should be a great weekend.  To check on any last minute availability, call Barb Barten @ 219-819-3663. See ya there!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

From Matt Lautner(Facebook)

Matt Lautner Jeff Maas - 12 Noon Winner Matt Lautner Cattle Free T-Shirt Drawing Winner Next Drawing At 1 PM - Visit Matt Lautner Facebook Page To Sign Up For Free Drawings
3 hours ago ·
  • Matt Lautner Stan Soehnlen Cattle - 1 PM Winner Matt Lautner Cattle Free T-Shirt Drawing Winner Next Drawing At 2 PM - Visit Matt Lautner Facebook Page To Sign Up For Free Drawings
    2 hours ago ·
  • Mandi Whitefield Maddox So excited about MLC shirt can't wait to get it pics to follow
    2 hours ago ·
  • Soehnlen Cattle So I won? Lol
    about an hour ago ·
  • Matt Lautner Eric A Meyer - 2 PM Winner Matt Lautner Cattle Free T-Shirt Drawing Winner Next Drawing At 3 PM - Visit Matt Lautner Facebook Page To Sign Up For Free Drawings
    about an hour ago ·
  • Matt Lautner Dave Vansickle - 3 PM Winner Matt Lautner Cattle Free T-Shirt Drawing Winner Next Drawing At 4 PM - Visit Matt Lautner Facebook Page To Sign Up For Free Drawings
    16 minutes ago ·
  • Dave Vansickle Sweet. Even the husky kids get lucky sometimes. Thanks
  • Go Vote!

    Make sure you go to the link below to vote for Nathan for the dunk tank at World Pork Expo.  He has vowed to wear his Polo speedo for the festivities

    From Isiah Bridwell

    U have any who made who x #10 eggs?

    Reply: yep

    This stuff is awesome

    We recently tried out a product from called Trans Clean 2500 on our aluminum trailer. This is by far the best acid type product you can buy to clean yiur trailer and not leave a white film on it or dull the shine. Can be used on painted surfaces and will make stainless so shiny you can fix your hair and use it as a mirror.As you can see, it makes it look brand new again. The only thing is it will"pit" glass, so take plexiglass out and unhook from truck before washing.

    Monday, May 7, 2012

    From Tyler Humphrey

    Just sae what you are flushing yellow mama to...set some back for DOI 2012.

    Reply: First available eggs by Man Amongst Boys x VCC #75  will be available at Donors on Ice held in conjuction with the 2012 NAILE. For information, contact Dave Vansickle, Brian Hannon or Tyler Humphrey.

    From Brad Otto

    That mating should work good. Seen several nice calves out of char influenced cows and MAB and the cows aren't half as good as she is

    Our reply: Thanks Brad, looking forward to them. Will let you know

    From Brad Otto

    That mating should work good. Seen several nice calves out of char influenced cows and MAB and the cows aren't half as good as she is

    Our reply: Thanks Brad, looking forward to them. Will let you know

    Text to Wade Rodgers

    Hannon and I gonna set up old yeller to MAB

    She's back!

    The matriarch of our donor program has returned home.  VCC# 81 has spent the last year at both Donor Solutions and In The Purple, LLC getting flushed. Thanks to both Brian and Chuck Hannon as well as Michael Hardy and Kevin Newman for taking care of the cornerstone of our ET program and providing us with the most success possible. We highly recommend both of these programs. Check out and The Purple, LLC.

    The extent of our garden this year

    Recently purchased

    Terrible picture of what we feel could be the next best donor here. This is a July Total Solution x the mother of the popular Shorthorn AI sires Get Serious and Fringe. Raised by Ron Martin of Phildon Farms. We are excited to see the potential of this double clean female. I will try to get a better picture, this one is way cool.

    13 days and counting

    From Facebook

    Here is another good one.

    Friday, May 4, 2012


    Kendall and I got ice cream after walking,pigs

    Thanks Ranch House Designs

    Thanks to Rachel for your help today with the blog changes. They look great!


    After inquiries from other breeders,  we have a small amount of Joyride semen available for this spring.  Joyride is our Walks Alone x Hostage herd sire that we have used exclusively in our own herd. The first calves just hit the ground, and they have surpassed our expectations. Call or text for interest and availability.

    Wednesday, May 2, 2012

    Ahh...feels nice!

    It hit 80 degrees here today, once I turned the fans on in the creep pen of the calving barn, it did not take long for some of the babies to come get cooled off.

    Good luck at State Fair

    Good luck to Hunter Weber and family with your Vansickle bred steer. Thanks to Zach Gray for placing this steer in such a great home.

    Good Luck at State Fair

    Well the spring jackpot shows are over, time to get 'em in the cooler and get ready for state fair.  Good luck to Bailey Rist and her 11 time champion, 10 time top 5 steer Simba. This picture was taken 2 weeks ago following his last win of the season.

    Go Dominos!

    Check out the link below to read the recent decision by Dominos Pizza executives to allow their producers to make the best decisions on how to provide them with the best possible product and not be influenced by animal rights groups

    May 12

    We will be helping our good friend and mentor Kirk Stierwalt on May 12 in Rennseler, In for a one day show cattle clinic. If you are in the area or are interested in attending, contact Barb Barten @ 219-819-3663 or Thanks to Kirk and all the other sponsors for allowing us to be involved in these clinics to educate others

    Tuesday, May 1, 2012

    Bad deal

    This is what was left of the corral on one of the pastures after semen checking bulls. Apparently one of them thought they had more air than Jordan.


    Showtext is deadline

    American Royal-Kansas City, MO Market Steer DNA and Ownership Deadline: May 1st

    Very Nice!

    Congratulations to Justus Club Calves on this Monopoly 2 heifer out of a Paleface cow that was purchased from us a few years back.  This calf could be pretty fancy this fall. Sells in September in their annual sale. The cow is a daughter of our Bring It On/Double Vision donor. 


    Thanks to Tom Edd Johnson, Abilene, Tx for his purchase of a set of Original Heatwave x our #81 donor embryos.

    T-19 days and counting

    The countdown is on for Beth and I's wedding on May 19