Friday, September 28, 2012

The Queen Bee

The cornerstone of our donor program has returned to the flush rotation.  This time around, Hard Drive, next time, Believe In Me, after that, who knows. All that matters is whatever you flush her to, it works.

Don't Forget!!

North American International Livestock Expo

Entries for all beef, sheep, and swine must be postmarked by Oct. 1.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gotta get back after it

I just realized this morning that it has been 2 weeks since I have posted to this blog.  I gotta get back after it. I remember reading somewhere one time that the quickest way to kill your blog is to not post for a week, well, we will see who is still around.  Quick recap of the last 2 weeks....since the last time I have posted, we have been out finishing up looking at a few calves, working on the showbarn, finishing up fall calving(as of this morning we are officially done), working on the sale calves, and getting started in the field with harvest.  We don't crop farm ourselves, but I have helped a neighbor for the last few years, it is nice to get away from the barn some days.  Oh, I almost forgot one of the things I am most excited about, most all of the donors are either on shots now or getting ready to be, fall flushing is underway.  Make sure you keep checking in, we are going to be selling a couple of lots in the Donors on Ice sale in Louisville in November.  That will be the only place we offer genetics this fall and winter, we are planning to conduct an online frozen genetics sale in March with CW Cattle sales offering embryo packages on our most proven donors as well as flush opportunities that we have never offered before.  This sale will also have a few lots in it from some of our close friends, so keep that in is stacked.  We are working on getting the sale heifers in order and hopefully should have pictures and videos up on the blog and website within the next week or so.  Our spring born steer sales are officially done.  Thanks to everyone that came and either purchased or simply took a look around.  We have a new face that will be joining us this fall.  Bryce Jordan will be working in the showbarn beginning this fall after school and on the weekends.  Bryces dad and I have been very good friends since we were young.  Bryce is 14, but has been showing since he was 9, and in the last couple years, his interest to learn more about clipping, fitting, daily care, etc. has exploded and he is a perfect match to help us out and learn.  If you stop bu the barn, make sure to say hi to him.  I will try to get a picture of him to post. That is it for now, I promise I will try to do better.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Mercedes Benz x Purebred Simmy(Meyer 734)
Monopoly 2 x Paleface
Don't forget, bids our due this weekend at Gray Show Cattle.  Make sure to stop by and check out these two outstanding prospects raised by us.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A much needed break.

Kendall and I were able to take a much needed break this weekend from working calves to do a little fishing in a creek on a pasture that we rent.  He caught 1 bass and 3 blue gill. This is one of the 3 blue gill he caught.  It was definitely the best part of the weekend. 

Monopoly 2 steer selling at Gray Show Cattle

Here is another calf raised by us that will be selling in the Gray Show Cattle sale on 9/16/12.  He is a Monopoly 2 x Paleface, and rumor is, he made quite a few friends this weekend at Zach's when the doors opened.  Make sure to check him out, bids are due by dark on the 16th.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Showtimes Best Steer Contest

Make sure to go over to The Showtimes Facebook page and check out the best steer drawing contest.  Take and extra look at drawing "A" and vote for it as it was done by VCC's own Kyle Shoufler. Vote for Kyle and help this very talented young man win this contest. VOTE TODAY!!